"I think the best pictures are often on the edges of any situation, I don't find photographing the situation nearly as interesting as photographing the edges." - William Albert Allard

I capture honest images: those that have a soul and tell a story.  A session with me is relaxed and flexible at your home or favorite location.  I like to call my style 'storytelling' because the compilation of your images tells your story.  A session with me documents you, right now.  

My images are filled with the richness of reality.  Relaxing by your favorite window, baking cookies with your children, enjoying a book by the fireplace, drinking coffee and strolling through the park -- these seemingly small moments are part and parcel to your life, and are fleeting.  I love documenting these moments and giving my clients a tangible illustration of their lives.


 Here's a bit more about me:


+ I believe simple is best.

+ I am inspired by happy people.

+ Friendships with me last a lifetime.

+ My husband is my biggest fan.


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