What do we get for our session fee?
Your session fee covers my time, the processing of your images, and the collection of your edited images in a password-protected online gallery, which is live for thirty days.  You will also receive the digital files from your session via web transfer, the collection of which tell your story (except for the Fine Art Portrait session, details of which can be seen here).  

How can we make our session the best it possibly can be?
Be yourself, be real, be natural.  Your 'normal' is my 'perfect.'  (I wrote a blog post about this -- read it here.)

What should we wear?
Since my images strive to capture a realistic illustration of who you are, choose your outfits based on your personal style, the personalities of your children and how you are most comfortable.

How long do your sessions last?
Considering my documentary style, I usually end up hanging out with you for approximately two hours (exceptions are always a possibility depending upon which type of session you have booked.)

Do you photograph engagement sessions and weddings?
I love documenting love, so engagement sessions are a big thumbs up from me.  Here's one you can peek at: Kelli+Joel on Plum Island.  As for weddings: I am open to taking on smaller, more unique and intimate weddings if you want a 'fly on the wall', documentary approach.  Email me and let's chat.

Will you travel to us?
Sure!  My session fee stays the same no matter where in the world you are.  Just add my travel expenses onto the rate.

You shoot film.  Really?!
Yes!  Film suits me perfectly.  There is a rich reality that film captures; it has a special way of documenting the true beauty of a moment.  Here's a blog post I wrote about my love for film.  I will also be shooting digital photos at your session - a little bit of both mediums is what I typically do.

How do you offer digital files if you're also shooting with analog film?
After I shoot with film, I send it to my film lab where it is developed and scanned in high resolution.  The scans are sent to me as digital image files, just like the digital files that are created when shooting with a digital camera.

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