I specialize in documentary, 'storytelling' sessions.  Here's why...


I love stories.

Hearing the details of an all-but-forgotten day in someone's life, being able to somehow feel the emotions their words express, picturing myself in their shoes and imagining what it all must have looked like.  Stories are magical this way.  They allow us to remember moments that otherwise might slip away into a corner of unimportance, often misperceived as insignificant at the time.

Picture this: two children, brushing their teeth in a bathroom, one on a step stool, wet bath towels strewn about the floor, toothpaste smeared haphazardly along the counter.  Sound familiar?  Boring?  Typical?  Uninteresting?  Perhaps you can so perfectly picture this because you see it everyday with your own children.

I see a story here.  A memorable story.  An important story.  A story that begs to be documented.  Imagine that the two children in the scenario above are people you know -- let's say it's your mother at age 8 and her younger brother at age 6.  Is the story more interesting now?  Imagine you have a photograph of this scenario.  You can see the step stool, the brand of toothpaste they are using, the size of the towels, the tile on the bathroom floor, the pictures on the wall, the shower curtain, the expressions on their faces, maybe even a reflection of your grandmother in the mirror.  Suddenly the story here is clear, and it is important, and it deserves to be savored and loved and passed down for generations.

My point is, everyone has a story.  Right here, right now.  There is a story in your daily family life that deserves to be documented.  Formally posed pictures have their place.  But do those pictures really capture your story?  Your essence as a family?  Do those pictures capture the small, nuanced moments that naturally occur among you all?   Those smaller moments get overlooked, and in my opinion, those are the moments that count!  Those are the ones we need to remember.

A storytelling session with me is organic, authentic and unscripted.  I spend a couple of hours with your family while you are doing family stuff, sharing family moments and generally just going about your day.  I capture the big picture as well as the details and compile them into one, cohesive timeline of photographs.  The end product is your story, captured in photographs.  You walk away with priceless memories, sure to be cherished for generations to come.

And here's the major bonus: it's all captured on film.  Why, you ask?  Well, I could go on and on about the range of tones film captures, the classic properties it holds, my undying love for the art of traditional photography...  but in short, here is the take away: film has a special place in my heart, and I think it will find a spot in yours as well.