All sessions include the edited digital files from your session as well as a hair, makeup and wardrobe stylist, and a customized look book.

‘This is Me’ sessions are special session for teen and tween girls, in which they get a taste of the model experience while at the same time gaining self-confidence during their crucial identity formation teenage years.

I am passionate about these sessions and I love seeing the girls embrace their inner and outer beauty and showcase their personality with pride.

Here’s a quick summary of how a ‘This is Me’ session works:

1.) we build an inspiration board that will guide our session
2.) the t(w)een goes through her closet and finds items that match the inspiration board.
3.) a stylist pulls together 3 outfits and does the t(w)een’s hair and makeup.
4.) we go on-location and capture some awesome stuff images.
5.) the t(w)een receives a look-book with her images from the session.

It’s fun from start to finish.  Memories are made.  Confidence is gained.  Good stuff happens with these sessions.


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