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connect your voice with your passion and release the artist within


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Feeling frustrated by your business?  Stuck in a rut?  Wanting to get back to your artistic roots?  Unsure of where to go next?  UNLEASH!


From Unleash Alumni after just one week:

"In just a week it's amazing how much I've already gotten out of this. I am very excited to see what the next few weeks bring. And yes, Kelly is awesome!!!"

"This has been a tough week all around but I've made some huge realizations about things! So glad I'm here.  Great job Kelly!"

"This week has been so intense. It seems to have flown by but take its time, too.  This has been an awesome class so far!"

"I KNEW Kelly would rock. And I have some insights already which will change my approach. I am so excited!"



UNLEASH is a four-week online workshop for photographers seeking to connect with their artistic vision and learn how to further implement their voice into their work.  Focus will be placed on healing the disconnect between what we are passionate about in the art of photography and what we generally practice at our sessions and in our day-to-day work.  We will learn how to make the end product not just a beautiful photograph; our work will become a visual interpretation of ourselves.  Through creative exercises, both introspective as well as active shooting, participants will unleash their inner artist, reclaim their work as their art, follow their passion and embrace their voice.

Workshop takes place within a private forum and will be limited to no more than twelve participants in order to maintain an intimate setting in which strong connections will be made and personal growth will thrive.  Independent, introspective study will be balanced with group participation and peer feedback.  We will work towards the common goal of connecting voice with passion and releasing our inner artist, while at the same time each participant will be able to focus on specific, personal goals.

This workshop is not for the beginning photographer, as technique will not be covered.  Participants should be confident shooting in manual mode and should have a grasp on the basic ‘rules’ of composition.  An online presence is required in the form of a website, blog or gallery page such as Flickr.  This workshop will also utilize Pinterest, so participants must have a Pinterest account.  Participants should be prepared to do some introspective thinking and, in essence, to bare their soul a bit.  Online group discussions will take place throughout the four weeks for ongoing feedback and independent exercises will be assigned each week.


Instructor Kelly Chadwick is a photographer on the North Shore of Massachusetts specializing in capturing authentic, unscripted moments and telling stories on film.  In addition to her photography background, she holds a Master of Arts degree in Counseling & Psychology from Lesley University in Cambridge, giving her a unique edge in offering this introspective and transformative workshop.  Kelly is also a mother to three children, a dance instructor and a lover of caffeine.  Her work can be seen at www.KellyChadwickPhotography.com.